Happy Hollows

Art-rock duo Happy Hollows is the unlikeliest of matches, founded by two polar opposites—Northern California native and free-spirited guitarist Sarah Negahdari and graduate student and bassist Charlie Mahoney. The two initially met at a Los Angeles strip mall where Sarah was reading tarot cards to pay the bills. Charlie had just moved to Los Angeles from Washington, D.C. to pursue a Ph.D. Hundreds of shows and two albums later Happy Hollows is gearing up to release Concordia, its third studio album, on September 8.

Concordia was crafted in both Los Angeles and London with the help of producers Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast) and Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Depeche Mode, Interpol). On the album, the band uses analog-synth melodies, angular guitars, and polyrhythmic drumming to anchor Sarah’s soaring vocals. Concordia is a true blend of expressive, post-punk instrumentation and neo-new wave flair. The album represents the culmination of Happy Hollows’ artistic progression, combining dynamism and raw energy with a creative sonic palette and layered synth arrangements. 

“Fierce guitar work and an otherworldly blend of glimmering synths. This is some cosmic stuff--
but it also has a lot of heart.” 
–WNYC Soundcheck


“Instantly catchy shimmering pop hooks are just
what you need to get the weekend rolling.” 

“Truly magical, smashing all stereotypes of what
female fronted bands are made of.” 

“When I say this sounds like Stevie Nicks getting heavy into Kate Bush--that's for sure a compliment. This is pop, sure, but pop with plenty of secrets at work deep within each song" –LA Weekly