Mixing Complete! Welcome Matt Fry to the Band!

We are finally finished mixes for our new album! Below is a pic of Lewis mixing the album at the Black Iris Studios in Echo Park. Lewis likes to pretend he is in an igloo when he mixes records. Mastering is happening on May 31st!

In other news, we are happy to announce that Long Beach guitar genie Matt Fry of The Soft Hands is now an official member of Happy Hollows! Matt has been jamming with us occasionally since waaaaay back in the day. We invited him to come into practice with us on a more regular basis when we started writing this record last year and since then he has really inspired us with his great guitar work and kept us laughing with his funny stories about the many dates he goes on. So please welcome Matt to the band! Here is a picture of him from a show he played with us last year: