Album II Recording Update

We're very happy to say that phase one of album two is complete. Last week we spent five days at Infrasonic Studios in Alhambra, CA recording drums, bass, and synths for the record. We even got main guitars down for a bunch of the tracks, which was a bonus. Here are some pics:

Beginning a record is always a daunting experience. You are never really sure what is going to happen. There is always the remote possibility that you'll hit the first chord of the first song and everyone involved in the process will simultaneously wish they were somewhere else. Fortunately, that didn't happen in this case. The tracking process was mostly painless and we finished up everything we were aiming to do.

Up next are guitar and synth overdubs, which should take a week or two. Then we move on to vocals. Stay tuned.

Below, check out another clip of a new song we played live at a show in November 2011.