Buy Spells Early at Bandcamp

Our new album, Spells, comes out on all the major digital distribution sites like ITunes, Amazon, and Emusic on October 6. However if you want to get a digital copy early, you can do so already over at a great site called Bandcamp.


If you are going to buy the album digitally, I highly suggest using Bandcamp. For one thing, you can download "lossless" versions of the songs. That means that they are just as good as CD quality.

In addition, for us as a band what is really great about Bandcamp is that they take hardly any money from artists!! If you buy an album on Itunes, a significant portion is taken away from us by various "middlemen." Bandcamp on the other hand takes only about forty cents per album! Which is really quite amazing. Click on the link below to go to our bandcamp site:

Happy Hollows @ Bandcamp