Guerillafest = Blissfest

I am thrilled to report that Guerilla Fest was a huge success!!!! It was so awesome!!! My band the Happy Hollows, along with the Primos, the Widow Babies, AM, Dirt Dress, and Traps, all traveled throughout LA playing at different locations from noon- 5:55 pm. It was so amazing, and was pulled off without confrontation from the authorities! It was unbelieveable! We each played in a different location thoughout the day and the caravaning crowd seemed to grow larger as we went.

The first band played in a tunnel underground in Echo Park, then we went to a parking lot near downtown, then in the middle of buildings in mid wilshire, then in a pumpkin patch (at the grove!), then underneath this electrical structure next to a freeway intersection, and then finally, in oil fields somewhere above the city!
It was so wonderful! All of the bands were so awesome! It was the most wonderful feeling of freedom and artistry and creativity and commrodery I have EVER experienced from playing Live! It was truely a team effort, and a bonding experience with the bands and everyone who came along to watch for the festival! Thank you to everyone who came and helped out!