PBS Frontline: Bush's War

Last Spring, the PBS documentary show, Frontline, put together a two part series called Bush's War to mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. For anyone who wants a detailed account of how the U.S. went to war and how we screwed up post-war Iraq this is it. It is an absolutely amazing piece of work with interviews of people intimately involved with the decision to go to war as well as the decisions on how to govern post-war Iraq. The best part is you can watch it all online!

Click here to watch.

In under four hours, you can essentially learn all there is to know about the most important domestic and international poltical event since Vietnam. You need to see this!

The documentary is especially amazing because, while it is clearly and rightly slanted against decisions made by the Bush administration, it does not take a polemical tone. Rather, it allows people who were involved in the events tell the story as it happened and doesn't dumb down the content in any way.

Below is a preview for Part 1 of Bush's War: