NY Times Disses L.A in Coverage of Taco Truck Controversy

Did anyone happen to read The New York Times piece on the L.A. taco truck controversy? Well, while I applaud the Grey Lady for covering the story, there was a decided tone of disdain for Los Angeles in the column.

Exhibit A:

"Los Angeles, loath to rally cohesively around a local cause, has joined hands around tortillas."

Exhibit B:

"This a [sic] where you can pave over a freeway’s carpool lanes with toll roads, and few will complain. You can propose a 40-story skyrise in the center of Hollywood, and hardly anyone two miles to the west will take notice. You can squander public money, close down the ports and flatten landmarks, and many residents of this sprawling metropolis will simply yawn and move on."

I love The New York Times (gods bless you Paul Krugman), but the article, by Jennifer Steinhauer, did not need to commence with the predictable, cliché diss that so often prefaces stories about Los Angeles.

Look, L.A. has its problems, but at least we aren't home to George Steinbrenner and Staten Island...